Rearranged priorities at 14:46 (about this blog)

The events in Japan two months ago on 2011-03-11 14:46 called for different priorities.  I had two draft posts prepared, yet it has become uncertain whether I will continue this blog in its current form. If you wish to be sure not to miss it whenever I may continue,  just subscribe. Thank you.

Here a TED talk about loss of standardization in web search. 10 minutes. Worth it.

Below, a few current resources to understand the situation in Japan.

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Millions of companies know ISO 9000 – want to help improve it?

If you or your company is using or influenced by the ISO 9000 series of standards in any significant way,  please take the ISO 9000 Survey. It takes about 30 minutes. The time you save may be your own, whether you read for interest, apply for improvement, get certified, audit for compliance, or consult for others. How? Imagine the ways this collaboration shapes the next revision of the standard. Whether you think ISO 9001 improves quality of products and services or is an overall waste of time, go ahead and share your views in the survey. If you do not have 30 minutes,  feel free to share your views in a quick comment below.

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On the economic benefits of standardization

On 2010-12-22, @isostandards tweeted:

and helped me find a new publication on the WSC website.


World Standards Cooperation Newsletter No. 01 - 2010-12

Their World Standards Cooperation Newsletter No. 01 – December 2010 is about

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A new approach, crowdsourcing by the European Union

Concerned about standardization falling behind ever-accelerating innovation, in the EU they aimed to find ways to accelerate standardization to narrow that gap. The EU published key issues and concerns to give context to the 14  questions used in  crowdsourcing for answers and proposals.  Via my employer, I have contributed to the official part, here I plan to take it further, independently, along my personal vision.

For quick overview, I cite the 14 questions with excerpted context below. In upcoming posts, I plan to summarize my own views how standardization could add thick value to society.

European Commission > Enterprise and Industry > Policies

When in 2010 May, the  Public consultation on the review of the European Standardization System closed, the EU had received around 400 contributions, from

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Sexy standardization saves, um, cost

image: No, I am not touching on brassieres here, where standardization could save the beauties in our life some time shopping, should the industry finally agree on more reliable size and fit standards. For most other clothing the garment industry has standardized pretty well, but then that is less crucial in fit and less intensely looked at, right?

Yes, standardization can be sexy and it does save cost

image from / cocreatr

The value of standardization

Standards reduce cost and hassle, because they make products and services interoperable. They make markets more accessible to consumers, makers, and suppliers. Standards make safety, performance, and other compliance assessments and certification affordable, further adding to trust between global trading partners.

As in this example, you can buy bolts in bulk from Germany, and nuts in lots from Japan, and – ta-da – they have perfect fit for effective, um, screwing on the assembly line. The profits and success of using standards are obvious, on one hand.

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Hello world!

Welcome to standards and more at Stand On Standards.
If you like it, enjoy and share. If you dislike, ignore and go find something better for your time and attention. Thank you.

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